Manipulating Functions

</h1>A little confused</h1>

Hey guys!
Um I was doing the control flow challenges and the second one has me baffled. How do you add the input of a function to find out it’s total? I don’t remember learning this in the less. Hopefully that was clear. I feel like I am not really sure how to explain my question.
Thanks if anyone tries to answer :slight_smile:

Hello! Could you post a link to the exercise, please?

I am not sure how to do that, but maybe try this one

It is the second challenge

The over budget challenge? Also, could you please post any code you have? To format it correctly, see this thread.

Yup that is the one I am having problems with

Ok. What is the logic behind what you have to do. Can you write it out using pencil and paper? (As though this was in a Maths lesson).

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I understand the mathematical logic completely. I just don’t know the code or how I can add the input of the function to get access to the numbers.

If there was an “unstuck” video I would watch that. But Because it is a challenge there isn’t. Sorry to bother you :sweat:

It’s alright! If you know the logic, write out step-by-step instructions, as though you were telling a friend. Those instructions should sound a little bit like code. Then, take those instructions and see if you can turn them into code. If you can’t, don’t be afraid to ask for more help!


ah oh my gosh I am so stupid. This was actually really easy. I forgot some of the basics, woopsiessss, this is what you get when you don’t code for a day as a noob lol

def over_budget(budget, food_bill, electricity_bill, internet_bill, rent):

if (budget < food_bill + electricity_bill + internet_bill + rent):

return True


return False
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