Manipulating Data Frames Explore 1985 Cars Dataset

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Hi everyone! I am doing the exercise of the 1985 Cars Dataset (< and I am stuck in task 8 ( Add a new column to cars called mpg_diff_from_threshold . This will measure how far each car’s highway mpg is from 30 mpg. View the updated cars dataframe.)

This error comes up and I really don’t know what I am doing wrong, probably the most silly thing!

# add column
cars >%> 
    mutate(mpg_diff_from_threshold = highway_mpg - mpg_threshold)
Error: <text>:2:7: unexpected input
1: # add column
2: cars >%> 

Can someone help me? thanks!

Your pipe is the wrong way. The percent signs surround the greater than sign. %>%

Thanks! I realised just after posting, and also I missed the β€œ/30” at the end. It worked and I was able to finish the exercise.

Question 10 asks for " Which cars have the highest miles per gallon on the highways? To find this, arrange the rows of mpg_exceeds_threshold by mpg_diff_from_threshold descending. Save this new dataframe as mpg_exceeds_threshold "
I get the error ```
Error: Problem with filter() input ..1.
:information_source: Input ..1 is mpg_exceeds_threshold.
:heavy_multiplication_x: Input ..1$risk_factor must be a logical vector, not a double.

mpg_exceeds_threshold <- mpg_exceeds_threshold %>%

  filter(mpg_exceeds_threshold) %>%


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