Managing multiple pages in html5



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Hi, my name is Harry. I have been creating my website using html5 for last few days. I have done most of things and as this is media website and has to have many pages as to constantly add new stuff so, the problem I am having is when I have new content to post and let’s assure I have 100+ pages website and new content has to be on page 1 so, how can I just add my content on 1st page and other pages get updated without coding in every single of them or moving old content to next and next pages?
Please help me with this I am so stuck at this.

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sounds like your website needs a back-end on your website, this allows you to save stuff into a database, which you can then display on different pages.

There are many language which you can use for the back-end (php, python, ruby, java and more)


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