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We're sorry to see you go!

  • You can unsubscribe by going to the bottom of an email from us and clicking the "unsubscribe button".
  • You can also unsubscribe or manage your subscriptions at when you 1. Log In, 2. Navigate to "My Account, 3. "Mail Settings"

Some people get errors when they try to press the unsubscribe button because they were not logged in. Please make sure you are logged in, and then click the unsubscribe button β€” or you may go into your account and do so there. We are working hard to fix this issue.

We would love your feedback on why you are unsubscribing so we can get better in the future!

​To delete your Codecademy account, please 1. Log In, 2. Navigate to "My Account, 3. Click on "Delete Account"

Thanks, we hope to have you back in our community soon!