Making the code editor and browser downloadable


After using the code editor and instant browser display, I found that it was much easier to use than the popular “notepad” that most un-experienced users such me use. The pre-programmed formatting and instant response makes it less common to make mistakes. Can the editor and mini-browser be made available for download so the public can write their code with it?

Secondly, are there any suggestions as to other code editors that come with pre-programmed formatting?


i hope you use notepad++ at least, even better would atom. This come with syntax highlighting and so on

Atom does contain plugins which allows for instant reload the page once a file has been saved, so that is an option.

Editors with browser preview do exist, but i think its not ideal. Although it takes some getting used to, just using a text-editor and the browser is fine once you project grows in size its actually better, and you can use all the tools the browsers offers without much intervention which would by caused by a browser IDE

furthermore, web text-editors simple aren’t as powerful as normal text-editors

I would recommend you to not look to much for what you want, but take getting used to manually refreshing browser and use a powerful text-editor


Thanks for the suggestion!

I have downloaded Atom and it’s much more convenient than just using notepad.


atom is designed for coding, its indeed a lot better.

Good to hear :slight_smile: