Making something span 'all' columns

I am wondering how to span a table heading on all columns, if it varies depending on screen size.

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I was also wondering if you can organize tables by columns.


Span is normally used when you want to style a word or small portion of a paragraph.

If you want to style a few elements in the same way then you should add a class to those elements and style that class to how you like. Did you learn about classes in CSS ?

Regarding styling for different screen sizes see this on media query

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Thanks for that link! In tables you can set ‘colspan’ to something. I was wondering if there was a string that could be used to stretch it across all of the columns, like a heading.

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if you want all the columns to have the same styling and there’s no other tables on your site that would be different then you can add the styling to all columns.

Or if you have multiple tables then you add an class to the table or div and then when you are styling to navigate to the table via the class.