Making my friend a website for his wine inventory!

Hello friends!

I am currently working on making a very vanilla/basic website to:

  1. have an excuse to create my first website.
  2. just learn my workflow, and get a little bit more confident with getting my feet wet in web design.

The website I have drawn out will need a page to list the wine inventory with subsections for each type of wine, as well as a way to populate my cart with said wine.
I was wondering if i could get advice or a good example on ways to set up something for my wine inventory.

thanks so much for the help!

I would suggest making a drop-menu list, or just make one page that has an <h(1)> tag for the name of the wine, then choose <h(2+)> for the description, price, etc. (HTML). You can use CSS to add detail. I’m not the best with HTML + CSS, but I think that would work


Wine Type

Desired subtext for the type of wine