Making games

so can java, javascript or pythn be used to make games?

in fact, all can be used.

java is used to make androids app, so you can make an android game

You can use javascript to make a game in a webpage. (using a canvas for example)

You can use pygames to make a game with python


oh dude thank you! thank you for this!

For what platform you want to build a game? Pygames will work for pc, i think it is a bit to difficult to port to a mobile device.

If you really want to make a big pc game, use c++, also, think about your expectations, making a game is very difficult.

i want to make a game for pc, never thought about making one for android.

I have heard about C++ (they should add it for codecademy) I might learn it at some point down the line of programming!

and yes I under stand it is hard to make a game, and I know it could take 1 to 3 (or more) years to make a good one… but I like a challenge (especially anything to do with computers) and I am ok with this :slight_smile:

… but I have also thought if it takes long, and for one person especially, I could put together a team to help make the game!
if you are interested with helping (when I done learning what I need of course) I wouldn’t turn you down!

Pc game you should definitely look into C++, but you can perfectly fine to start with Python. I would in fact, i found C++ overwhelming before i learned some Python

Then do some Pygames, to make a game in python. A small game with Pygames shouldn’t take too long, if you have enough programming experience

Okay, i just wanted to let you know. Some people start with this with totally the wrong expectations, this doesn’t seem to be the case for you

There also things like unity3d and unreal engine you can learn. You should use at least something, writing everything from scratch would take too long.

But first learn programming, then we will come back to this


k thnx! (hey my first friend! :smile: ) and I was going to learn Blender but I was confused with stuff on it… but then I found that it was made with python so I am going to do python first! then I might go to these- Java, JavaScript, C++ (maybe, I have heard that it is quite difficult) and then Blender, at some point… and also, really I am the first guy you have met with different expectations? that’s wierd

Blender is quit difficult, save that for later

C++ is not super difficult, but it throws you into the deep. I prefer python, that is much more shallow.

No, you are not the first, but i have met plenty who thought they could just start making a game

yeah, ok… and making a game, I know you cant just start so I am working on all the things I would put in there, and all that random stuff you do (you know game goal, story, etc.)

How do you make a game?

Such a generic question. Surely there is existing information to help you

If you want a serious answer, please ask a better question.

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