Making comments in html


I’m trying to make a comment in html and the exercise tells me that I’m making an error–not sure what to make of this–could use some help, though!!

I continuously get an error message for line 1 --don’t know why

1<!-- this is a comment -->

2<p>But leave me visible to the user!</p>

3<!-- comment -->


Reset exercise, and turn the existing text into a comment


i really cant get it… am making a comment but it says its an error


Lets see your code. Did you do what ^ stetim94 said ?

 <!-- Make me into a comment! -->

this is how i did … and it keeps saying that its an error


Show me you full code all that’s in the lesson

 Make me into a comment!

<p>But leave me visible to the user!</p>

<!-- comment -->

it says to turn the first line into a comment


Yes make the first line a comment and don’t touch the others
same like this:


thanks zaina i am done with the stage
i will check u when i am stuck