Making class methods not accessible

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I was working with classes and I just realized that there is a piece of code which is being reused under several methods of this class. So, I want to take this reused piece of code and make it a function of it’s own. However, I don’t want this function to act like it is a method of this class, meaning it shouldn’t be accessible via the class object or it’s instances. Is there any way of writing a function like this? I’ll try to explain what I’m doing with code below:

class someName:

  def class_method_1(self):
    # some other code

  def class_method_2(self):

  def reused_function(self):
     # some code

So, is there a way to make this reused function not available to class object or any of it’s instances and just be used for internal purposes of the class?

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There aren’t any proper private methods in Python but you can use name mangling so it’s a little clearer that it’s not supposed to be public and keeps it a little safer when subclassing-


Nice. I read through the documentation. This is exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you, @tgrtim.

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