Making and Hosting a website

So my buddy and i are both learning to code, mainly HTMl and CSS. We want to make a blog where we can post about cars. We have already made the basics of the site and we got it hosted using AWS simplify. I dont really mind the AWS system but my question is whether there is a site like wordpress or wix that allows you to basically upload your own code and then take advantage of maybe being able to add things in through some sort of tool that you might not know how to code. Basically like trying to add a login system or a button if i dont know how to make it properly. And even if you cant do something like that i would appreciate a place where it can be easier to manage. The only system like this im aware of is wordpress but the only way to get access to the CSS editing is by paying for the business plan. I would be willing to if it was monthly because its only 8 dollars but they only offer annual which is a hundred dollars up front. My friend and i are still in high school and dont necessarily have a source of income so it would be tough to justify spending a hundred dollars like that.

Thank you in advance to anyone that responds
(Also sorry if im kind of shooting for the stars on this, i cant really tell if this is something that would even be possible.)

Tools like wordpress and wix include a lot of abstraction.

You can build your our authentication system in many programming languages (python, ruby, c, c++, c#, java, php, golang) to name a few. Many of these programming languages also have frameworks to somewhat simplify this process. Its still a lot of code you need to write and understand (sometimes boilerplate code is available)

by using something like wordpress, you don’t have to worry about all this code, someone wrote it for you + more code to manage your authentication system.

there seem to be a wide amount of options to customize css in wordpress:

the 4th option (using a child-theme and ftp), although more advanced, I can not imaging they charge extra money for that.

probably this should have been first, but html (structure of a website) and css (styling and positioning) are only front-end. Things like authentication and dynamically adding posts (like this forum) also involve a back-end and a database.

Thank you for your response. I might have been looking in the wrong place but when i went to the customize section and clicked the CSS tab it said i needed to upgrade to the business plan which is 8 dollars a month but they only offer it in annual form.Screen Shot 2020-11-30 at 2.42.13 PM

Seems restricted indeed. Then not much you can do. Maybe there is a different CMS which is better?

building everything from scratch is going to take months, if not years of learning

Thats what i assumed coming into this. We really dont mind having to code and publish everything ourselves because it definitely creates a learning opportunity but it would make the process so much easier if there was one place to control and change everything instead of using GitHub, AWS and whatever other programs/platforms we have to use in the future. Mainly the one thing i really care about would be the ability to use a design system like the one that wordpress has to design the site and do the rest of the coding ourselves. I did think that maybe i could just copy the css code and adjust it and make it into my own stylesheet but you gotta pay 100 dollars for access to it so…

that version control (git) and hosting are at different places isn’t that strange? Although they work together rather well. With things like CI and CD. There are a lot of layers to programming

I don’t think its quite that simple, wordpress is a CMS, which even more layers. From what I read, there css is custom and works very different from hosting your own website (front-end and back-end) on a VPS>

wordpress seems to store the css in some kind of database and then render this dynamically or something. Or that is what I read about. So there is whole abstraction layer there, which needs to build and maintained, no wonder they charge extra money for that

If you have a specific question then yes

if you want to go over all the requirements of your website and let the other person choice, I would recommend hiring a consultant

Since this old thread has just come up the timeline: Wordpress (in contrast to Wix) is free and open source and therefore customizable in every aspect. The screenshot shows a Wordpress css customization option which functionality has to be provided by the theme. There are many free and many paid Wordpress themes you can install and whether and to what extent they are customizable or not depends on the theme.
If you decide to program your own theme, there aren’t any limits at all.

Most well known hosting platforms have super high reliability/up-time, like 99.99%. If those are your criteria, any hosting/VPS will do