Making a website

if i wanted to submit a website to codecademy would i need to put my website up on a server???

Thank You!

Sincerely ~dylan

To Codecademy? I don’t understand what you’re trying to do…

i mean that if i made a website and wanted to send it to codecademy via twitter/facebook would i need to put the website up on a server??

Why would you want to do this? Yes, you could host your website and github and post the link on twitter. You could also just make a codepen, and post the pen on twitter. This question is a bit confusing

what i mean is that because on some courses there are no user examples and it prompts you to send it to codecademy would you need to set up a server to send it to them? i guess codepen is the easiest.

P.S does codecademy use their facebook the same way they use their twitter.

I never seen this prompt, can you show me?

what do you mean by that??

Post a screenshot. 

@stetim94 I’ve seen it too. It’s only on the outdated courses, where I guess they wanted to do a section on something but were too lazy to build an example themselves? Or something, but there’s more than one course or lesson with an exercise saying to submit your example if you make a good one, and they might add it in to the course.

@dilbertron Feel free to try, but since (I’m pretty sure) it’s an outdated course, it’s probably not going to be worth your submitting it, since it (probably) won’t be added in.