Making a switch from HVAC Design Engineer to Software Engineer

Hello everyone!

I decided that after 5 years being a HVAC design engineer I knew that this job / life would not cut it for me anymore and I could not see myself in the next 10 years doing that so I decided to make the switch and learn coding.

I am only in my 2nd week, but in just this short time I know that this is something I want to pursue and am actually excited to learn after working a full day. I am obviously nervous because its a complete switch in careers but this is not stopping me whatsoever.

If anyone has similar stories that would be greatly appreciated and it would show me that what I am doing is achievable.

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I just started learning some programming myself in hopes of becoming a self-starting game dev. I’m coming from theater/entertainment as a lighting tech. With the economic shutdown(s) here in the US, my industry has come to a halt, and who knows for how long. Work won’t be the same for a long time. So I’ve made the decision to follow this interest. Wish I decided this a few months ago, I could have taken more advantage of the free time. So far so good, lots to learn.