Making a "real" website outside of codecademy

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I hope you don’t mind this query being posted here. The codecademy tutorials are a brilliant way to learn to code. However, once these skills have been picked up and one wants to build a real website, using a HTML/CSS language, where can an editor be found to write the html and css? I assume this is somewhere outside of codecademy generally?



Since you don’t need to install a compiler to create HTML and CSS, you can use a simple text editor such as Notepad. There are software applications with IDEs that make debugging easier and come with development tools, such as Notepadd++, Netbeans, Eclipse, etc. (and they’re free). There are also software programs available for purchase, such as Adobe Dreamweaver.

I use Notepad++. An important practice when creating your projects is to keep your folders and files organized so they can easily be referenced, especially when you have multiple pages.

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On the subject of important practices…


Indentation is very good for making code easier to read, and it allows you to see parent and children tags easier.


I agree with what chipcoder says but would also throw Atom and Sublime Text into the ring for a good text editor. I personally use Atom and love it but sublime text is very good too.

Thanks for comments Chipcoder.

I will give this a whirl

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To make websites you should probably put them all in one directory ie: have a folder of your coding then a folder inside for webpages then have a folder for your project. You can name html files .html ex: main.html, you can name css files .css ex: styles.css you can name your javascript files if you use any as .js ex: script.js.

You can use almost any text editor and just save them as those types of files, but if you use an IDE (ex: Notepad++, Brackets, Sublime Text, Atom), it can make the design flow much easier, but they are not a must. Have fun :slight_smile: if you need any help just ask.

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Thanks Minusgix.

Cheers for your help

I have only used Notepad and Sublime before (love Sublime), but would like to try some of the other ones that people have mentioned.

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@dreamthink If you’re trying out other code editors, I like and use Brackets

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