Making a proper website and hosting!


Hey guys, I need help. I'm fine with coding and stuff but how would I put my html and java into a website? Do I have to choose one or the other? I just want to host a website and code it entirely from scratch by myself. Please help.

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Hello Henry, I believe it's best for now to just work with JavaScript by itself. After you get through them more advanced tutorials go through jQuery, and then AngularJS. These go more into depth with adding and using JavaScript with HTML on a website. I hope this helps!


1) JavaScript is not Java, big difference, two separate languages.
2) If you just want to run your JS code, a bare-bones html file with a script tag will do the trick
3) For actual hosting, look into LAMP or WAMP (most of the web is hosted on linux, but you might prefer wamp if nothing else but to reduce the amount of new things at once. If you want to use LAMP anyway, use virtualbox or some other hypervisor)
4) use google liberally


Thanks! One thing though WAMP doesn't seem to support JavaScript. Thanks again, Henry


I'll admit I haven't done anything in that direction. But that would seem to contradict what WAMP is supposed to do. Pretty sure it supports JS. What do you have that says it doesn't?

It's a webserver, and JS is all over the web. I'm not saying you're wrong/I'm right, I really don't know. I should probably leave this to somebody else.

After googling a bit, there doesn't seem to be any server-side JS with L/WAMP, but wouldn't they still be able to put JS scripts in the source that's sent to the client?

Either way, I learned a bit more. Thank you. I should take this as a nudge to figure out the rest as well.


Yeah on the website it says: It allows you to create web applications with Apache2, PHP and a MySQL database." Sorry this is probably silly but could you go a bit more in depth on the client thing? I'm on mobile sorry this is difficult. Thanks and you're welcome :wink: Henry


When a client (a web browser) sends a request to a server for a web page, the server will build the page and send it to the client that asked for it.

Even if a server doesn't use JS to build the web pages, it can still build web pages that contain JS code.

JS has been getting a lot faster the last couple of years, so perhaps it's convenient to use it server-side as well.. or something, I can only guess.