Making a game!

I need help making a game. Can someone please help me, I have always wanted to do this as a kid. I got inspired by other games I played as a kid, so I wanna make the fun and joyful games that I once played as a kid.


Hello, I have been looking trough the game section this is why found it and since no one replied I try to help you.
So what type of game do you want to create, for the first time I think you should stick with JS canvas games, making games are a slow process so you won’t likely will create a mario for the first time.
I think hyper-casual games are good for the first time.
First learn to create the movement of the characters, then you can make more complex movements like jumping.
Hope this helps :grinning:

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I wish i could…But i’m weak in this topic


If you’re using python you can do the arcade module, It has everything built in, physics, and all that good stuff. You can make top down games or platformers. you can even make the 2D shooters that remind me of an arcade game from ten years ago lol


It depends because I need to know more about HTML and CSS.:grinning::slightly_smiling_face:

I wondered that too.

Something like that for me because I am going to start making games using Python.