Making a Desktop Application

Hey guys!
I have been learning about data science. I finished several courses and doing some of them right now but now I am feeling like I’m not made for it. I am thinking of developing desktop applications.

I wanted to know what all programming languages would be right to step in and if there are any courses for these languages?

Hi @armaan_barak,

I went through a similar realization last year.
Codecademy has great career paths that you could do for Front-End/Back-End Engineering or Full-Stack Engineering. Full-Stack is both Front- and Back-end combined.

If you just want to dabble, looking into HTML, CSS and JavaScript are good ideas. There are also some mini courses that walk through building a site so you can test if you like how it all comes together.

However, those are all addressed in those career paths I mentioned above. You can find all of those on this page here:

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That depends on what platforms your desktop application must support.

There are many languages which allow you to build windows desktop applications: c++, java, c#, possible more

then there are hybrid solutions which support multiple platforms (windows and mac, and maybe linux): electron, react native and more. These JS frameworks might reduce development time, but are generally worse in performance.


Though not my favorite language to work with, Python is also a language that can be used for desktop applications. There are several good GUI’s for it, such as Tkinter, which comes preinstalled on several distributions.

If you have already been doing data science than you most likely already have some knowledge of Python syntax.

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Thanks for the suggestions @chelsead23, I’ll surely give some time exploring them.

@stetim94 thanks for your suggestions. You’ve given me a variety of choices to spend time with.

I would like to try building windows applications first!

Thanks again.

on what distributions? Linux? Last time i used Tkinter the GUI looked like it was made late 90’s earlier 2000.

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@8-bit-gaming, tbh I know python and have learnt two GUI’s Tkinter and PyQt, but they’ll need some more time to build a installer which could install the correct versions of modules and python, which would really be a hard-time. That’s why I don’t think python would be a good choice for that.

But really, I appreciate your suggestion.

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Ya, lol. Tkinter seems so absurd to me.

If you want build windows apps, I’d recommend C# and XAML. Microsoft Visual Studio (different than VS Code) could be a helpful development tool.

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QT is a good library choice, but then i would go for c++ Qt. or C# and XAML is also a very viable option


Thanks again @stetim94. It’s really good to have choices beforehand, coz I don’t know how it’s really going to be like.

At least as of Python 3.8 Tkinter still comes with the Python installer.

I only wanted to open more options, personally I would prefer a C++ GUI like Qt.

Ya C++ GUI like Qt would be a considerable choice.