Makeshift Dark Mode

Hey everyone,

I’m pretty new here, but ever since I joined it bugged me, that there’s no dark mode, either official or user made (and up to date). So I have decided to make one myself with the limited knowledge I possess back from high school. Actually I made two, since it was easier for me to edit different pages by themselves. Feel free to check them out, use them, edit them to your liking etc.
Keep in mind that I’m here to learn as everyone else and it’s more than likely I missed something and you might end up with a black text on a black background or something similar.


note: You will need Stylus or some similar browser extension to use them.

Take care o/



That button will toggle between light and dark.

On the forums, yes.
But this was meant for the main codecademy website.
I should have clarified it beforehand, my bad.

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