"Make sure you put some text for your link between the <a></a> tags." Again. This HAS to be a glitch


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“Design a Button for Your Website” -> 5. Adding a link

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I keep getting the error that says that I don’t have any text between my tags, which is definitely not true. This error seems to occur quite alot, both to me in past exercises and to others on this forum. Has a fix or workaround been discovered, or do I pretty much just need to skip all of the lessons that involve adding links to things?

NOTE: I’ve tried a bunch of obvious stuff, like trying one word inside the tags, a longer sentence, changing the href to http://www.google.com, https://www.google.com, https://www.codecademy.com, using apostrophes instead of quotes (which tells me that my anchor tag doesn’t have an href, lol), etc.

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The code is fine, could be your browser is sending cached data, try a different browser as workaround

I was using the most recent version of Firefox.

Restarted Firefox, same error.

Tried in Chrome, worked fine.

Mac OSX El Capitan.

Kinda frustrating, but I’m over it.

I fixed what seemed to me to be a mistake. doesnt mean this is the problem, just try it

please don’t revive such old topics, thank you. The topics are dead for a reason