Make it your own (95%) mark in build a website


The text does not align correctly with my cursor making it next to impossible to backspace the correct information. It appears to be off by about a TAB worth of characters


What operating system are you using?


windows 7 32 bit
dell duo laptop
chrome 47.0.2526.111 m


everything worked fine up to this point in my tutorial. I may have bumped a key and thrown something off.


I was hoping that your OS would jog my memory. I've seen this reported two or three times over the last couple of years but I can't remember if a solution was discovered. You setup is certainly nothing unusual.

This sounds like you might be able to reset things back to normal. I'm just not sure what to try. How about a different browser to see if it is limited to Chrome?


firefox works fine. Ironically i switched from firefox to chrome due to an error with my code being correct on the tutorial but save & continue not registering it as correct.


The joys of web browsers.


I'll retry in chrome after i wrap up the build your own website tutorial n firefox


Let me know if you figure out what happened. I'll try to remember for next time :slightly_smiling:


I am now experiencing the same problem in Chrome but not in firefox


That is even more mysterious than before.