Make an Interactive Website Completion not showing on Profile

My Make an Interactive Website Course, which I completed, isn’t showing on my profile that I completed it. Is this a bug? and how can I fix this.

Need to have it show ASAP!

Hi @pyplayer83227,

The Make an Interactive Website course has been sunsetted and eventually being removed.

Read the announcement here:

As of August 31st, 2017:

Removal of old HTML & CSS, JavaScript, Make an Interactive Website, jQuery, and PHP courses
Release of Learn HTML with additional projects and new content
Release of Learn CSS with additional projects and new content
Release of Introduction to JavaScript with updated ES6+ syntax and brand new content
Learn HTML & CSS and Learn JavaScript will continue to be accessible through September

If you have completed the course, you will still have those badges in your profile.
Ie: Interactive Website: Push Menu, Interactive Website: News Reader and so on.

I too have completed the course. It will not show up as skill because the course has been removed. Cheers :slight_smile: