Make a website


Can somebody tell me what softwares should I download to create a web page, for html,css and bootstrap?


to create the webpage? You simple need a text-editor (sublime text, notepad++ (there are many more)). bootstrap is just css and js files, and more. You can simple download them, or link to them. You can read about it here

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Thank you very much! So I'm a beginner and I'd like to create websites. I completed the codecademy course and I was wondering how to try what I learned. After i've created the html text on a simple text editor like "notepad", I should link between < head>....< /head> a page where I can write the CSS text , right? The CSS text needs to be already on the web? Is there a way to see a preview in real time of my work like happens in the codecademy "web design" coures?
Thank you again!


yea, in your <head></head> you will need a <link> to link to your css file, and then you can just create the css file and edit it with notepad. The tabs you used in the exercises? actually, that was just a nice way to switch between different files.

Since codecademy is inside the browser, a live preview is much easier. I don't personally don't find this necessary, since the files are on your computer a refresh of a page is super fast. So far i know, only brackets supports live preview.


And how do I upload my css file on internet so that I can link it in the notepad?
If not in real time, how do I display my work from the notepad???


No, if you have directory, and in your directory you have index.html and style.css, you can simple link to the stylesheet:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css">

make sure href name match the name of the css file. You can simple open the html file with your browser (just browse to the html file, right click it -> open in firefox/chrome (depending on which browser you want to use)


Ok thanks you very much !


Good i could help, more questions?


Actually I'm fine thanks =)


Good, if in the future you have further questions, do ask