Make a website portfolio

Hi friends, I am a beginner so I was building this project, but the problem is while i am building i don’t see my about page why? where is it?there is html.index page which i was doing then i moved to about me page but i don’t see anything, what did I wrong?Thanks so much if someone can look at it

Do you see the folder icon next to the index.html tab? Click on there and select the file about.hml.

thank you for the response, yes i saw it, but there is no change i am doing the project but nothing added no change i think i confused in the beginning somewhere related to header

Did you save your progress?

Also I cant see your progress. You will have to provide code and or screenshots so we can look into any problems you may have encountered.

I kind of realised what was my problem, in the beginning while i was linking each page to each other about, experience, education I forget to write
About me

like this, that’s why I didn’t see any nav bar in my home page. )))