Make a website exercise 2


Does anyone know why when setting up the padding up/bottom/right/left the page seems not reacting to it?

it's like it doesn't matter if i wrttie padding-up: 1000px or 10px it still looks the same


I can't tell what you are applying padding to. It is hard to tell exactly what you are doing without seeing your code.


hey @albionsrefuge thanks for replying,

here is the css i used:

.nav a{
        text-transform:uppercase ;}

the padding seems meaningless


I see what you mean now. You can only see any effects when you change the padding-left. I don't know the exact reason why, maybe the parent li elements are forcing those list items to maintain their current padding.

You can see that effect of increasing the padding by adding either one of these to your .nav a rule:

background-color: lightgreen;
outline: 1px solid red;

That shows you that the a element's padding is there but isn't being acted upon.

Hopefully someone with the exact reason behind this will come along and explain it to us.


yes only left works. so when adding the outline it shows changes do effect, but only on the div structure.