Make A Website - Despite mistakes it says my code is great


Despite the fact that I am missing a < div > tag, it tells me everything is fine.

Additionally, can I really just make multiple < div > tags without a class or id on either one? Does div simply provide spacing in the code rather than any particular functionality on its own ?

Lastly, they are asking me to make they < h3 > ? I am not understanding..


A div tag will do nothing on its own, it is the CSS code that will change the appearance of the content.

If you haven't yet, you might benefit from the HTML & CSS course here. I recall that there were some exercises there for styling un-named divs.

Also, the MDN specs for div elements.
A decent SO thread about divs aimed at beginners.

It may be that the part of your code where the missing tag is not where the code checker is currently looking. As the exercises go on, it changes its focus and doesn't rescan all of your code.