Make a Website: CSS Styling


Hi I have a problem a problem to write this code :frowning:

  1. Make a new CSS rule that selects the a element inside <div class="learn-more">..</div> (I dont know what to do)
  2. Set the color to #00b0ff

I tried to write the color code in the css file I have an error message, I dont know if I have to write in the html file too. Im really confuse, I need help please. Thank you in advance for your help

this is the error message that i have

Oops, try again.
Set the color of the a elements inside <div class="learn-more">..</div> to #00b0ff


Alright, so how did you approach writing this new CCS rule? By this point you have written a few CSS rules so you are starting to get the idea how they work - yes? You have several examples in your main.css file.

What is holding you back from selecting the a elements in your learn-more div?
You selected the a elements in your nav div back in exercise 2 -- this is very much the same.

Did you want to take another try at that?


The instructions literally hold your hand through every step, go back into your main.css and add a new CSS rule.

.learn-more a {
color: #00b0ff;

If you're stuck on making a CSS rule you can always look back at previous ones you've made already, but instead of copy pasting you should make a habit of writing them out yourself so you get yourself into all the good habits you miss out on when you Copy Paste.

You can target pretty much anything by just adding the tags behind whatever you're trying to call.

.learn-more h3 {
.learn-more a {
.learn-more p {

It's all the same thing, you just have to change a couple letters.