Make a Website: CSS Styling - 4.Jumbotron Heading


I think my code is wrong because the preview does not reflect the css instruction but the editor says its correct. Bit uncertain about proceeding until I have more solid confirmation, any help would be much appreciated.


I think i've fixed it, I was spelling colour the English way rather than the American way.


You have another little problem there.

The plan is to make your whole jumbotron div 500px high and give it a nice image background. What you have done there is make just the h1 element 500px high and the background is only applied to it.


Is that why i've lost the paragraph underneath it?


I haven't tested yet, but yes, I think so.

Move everything that you want to apply to the whole jumbotron over a new CSS rule that is just for the jumbotron.

.jumbotron {
   ... properties in here