Make a Website (Building with Bootstrap)


Good day guys , i have an enquiry regarding Exercise 4 of Make a Website (Building with Bootstrap).
I would appreciate your help alot.

Here is the link :



bootstrap is a css framework, it comes with a lot of css classes (like .container and .row) which we can add to html to build our website faster. For example container ensures the context is centered when screen becomes large enough (i think 1000px or 1200px)

similar, row is critical for the grid system to work. Allowing us to build the layout of our page more rapidly, given all this css classes are already defined for us.

as for question 3, no. here is the documentation for bootstrap 4 on this matter:

but i think the course still uses bootstrap 3. Anyway, the grid system in bootstrap means a row can have 12 columns, so if you have 8 columns, you still have 4 columns left within that row. It doesn’t say anything about the number of elements you can have in your column.


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