Make a Website (Building with Bootstrap)


Good day guys , i have an enquiry regarding Exercise 2 of Make a Website (Building with Bootstrap).
I would appreciate your help alot.

Here is the link :



Question 1: I was playing around with the codes and tried applying the flex property as seen above onto CSS, wondering why isn’t anything working?

Question 2: I understand that Bootstrap is a popular CSS framework with prewritten CSS rules. However, I couldn’t remember learning any custom CSS in the previous CSS lessons prior to this that could have possibly resulted in any of the 4 changes as shown in the following . I am wondering if i had missed out any?

Before Bootstrap:

  1. Navbar items do not change position as you toggle the web page width
  2. “Homemade Goods” text appears on the far left side of the web page
  3. Photographs increase in size when the web browser is toggled to full-width
  4. Social media icons at the bottom of the webpage appear disorganized

After Bootstrap:

  1. Navbar items change position based on the webpage’s width
  2. The “Homemade Goods” text is now centered.
  3. Photographs are arranged two per row when the webpage is full-width
  4. Social media icons appear organized and change position at full and narrow widths.


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