Hi! For this exercise the instructions say to add images to the education page and add a class of portfolio which I’ve done, but the images aren’t displaying the way the example shows. I can’t find any issue with my code and I’ve spent weeks trying to figure this out on my own and can’t even find what a class of portfolio even does, if anything. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

This is the example of how my page should look:

Hi, there!

Is that image what you’re trying to accomplish?

Is it possible you could link the lesson? Or supply your code, please? :slight_smile:

The smaller images side by side is what I’m working on. I can’t get my images to the correct size using the instructions.
Link to lesson:


Pinconning High School

  • 3.5 GPA

  • Advanced English & Mathematics

  • 1 Year Graphics & Design career course

  • 4 Years Varsity Soccer

Wayne County Community College

Wayne County Community College Logo

  • 3.8 GPA

  • 2 Years Photography Experience

  • Associate’s Degree General Education

I guess I’m not sure how to send my code since I tried to copy/paste a portion and it populated what the website looks like rather than the actual code.

To make your code readable, you need to use this:


Which will then let your code look like this:

<h1>An Example</h1>

There are different ways to accomplish what you are trying to do, but I would love to see your HTML and CSS to have a little more detail about your structure. :slight_smile:

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