Make a Website-->A Closer Look at CSS-->Exercise 5-->Editor does not recognize correct input

I followed the instructions and entered a rgb(128, 0, 128) value into the Main CSS tab in the editor for ‘h1{’ and it is not recognized by the editor. Earlier this year using Codecademy I was able to skip the lesson when the editor got stuck and just go to the next lesson (somewhere in the ‘box model’ section there was a bit where you resized a div and the editor didn’t recognize correct input, I just went on to the next lesson no problems). Here’s the CSS that the editor is not recognizing, it keeps asking if I’ve entered a rgb value for color
h1 {
font-size: 32px;
font-family: Palatino, ‘Palatino Linotype’, serif;
color:rgb(128, 0, 128);

The reason why your code isn’t working is that you copied RGB(128,0,128) instead of picking between the RGB colors from step 4 in the instructions.
step 4 in the instructions looks like this:

The HEX colors listed in the previous step can also be created using RGB values. Try this out by swapping out the HEX color value on the left for the RGB value on the right. See the result in the browser.

#2e69a3 rgb(46,105,163)
#d8dabe rgb(216,218,190)
#dabece rgb(218,190,206)
#799575 rgb(121,149,117)