Make a Website 7 of 13, add an image


Hi, Somehow managed to get up to the Add an Image lesson/task
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Lesson 7 out of 13
Learn, then Instructions say:
In index.html, on the line below the paragraph element, add an image element. Use the following as the image URL:
(inside blue box)

So I typed in the above- within quotation marks- but get error message
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Did you add the image to index.html?

My problem is- that I’m not sure exactly where - on what line - I’m supposed to type the code. (well- more than that is confusing…)
Instructions read: On the line below the paragraph element (type code there)
I put it below the paragraph re: bicycle sharing = Error Message
I put the code after the sentence about list of cities = Error Message
Typed the code into (just in front of) the < on line 18 = Error Msg

All Error Msg are the same (little box) "Did you add the image to index.html?

Where is the code supposed to be typed?

also confusing
In the Learn section- it talks about src attribute, but I don’t see src mentioned again.

``` copy and paste of code that I typed:

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Can you paste in the HTML code

I think it’s a bug cause I had the same issue. I tried it a few times. I even used the help button to give me the right code and i verified it with mine code and I saw no difference between my code and the code they use.

Can’t get pass this point what second image? Everything is layed out
as instructed

Yeah what’s the trick. It’s kind of a waste of time when you can’t find out why the error massage keeps popping up…help…

I’m also having a hard time with this, the url is the same except the end where its “bikes2.jpg” instead of “bikes1.jpg”
so do i just delete the 1 and add 2, rewrite the url or add a new line?

@bjiantipro2 @coderockstar69594 If you need help please paste in the code, error and lesson link

I was having trouble with the second image. I tried copying and pasting the second image’s URL between the quotation marks and left the rest of the code intact but it wouldn’t work.

What worked for me was deleting that line of code entirely, rewriting it from scratch and pasting the second image’s URL to the appropriate place. Go figure…

Hi, sorry if the solution is way pass due. I do encounter the same problem as I’m unable to identify where is the paragraph element. What I did was to place the text (shown below) at point 17.

end the line with quotation marks and the right triangle thing - that’s it

Make sure that you wrap your link with quotation marks!

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