Make a project, need guide?

Anyone who want to make a project or let me join in your project?
So, before get to the real thing, i need more experience in how to developing and maintain websites, maybe I’m not realy great in designing web but I’ll try to not get in the way, i hope i can be a sort of help in the project, just tell me what to do and i will do it. What i need is experience in the real world of programming. I hope you get what i mean. thanx

p.s i’ve complete html, css, javascript course and 50% jquery(in progress)

what i’m looking for is open project profit or non profit, i’ll not asking for payment. like I said I need experiences

Hey man i just posted a thread about a collab. I was wondering if we could do a project together. Im not trying to make like a profit company. Just a simple project. As of now im the only one :sob: but im going to start to gradually increase it by a little bit. Im still searching for a place to work together. But will find soon. So do you want to be in my group? Thanks a lot!

sure thing, working on a project alone is pain in the head you know, btw do you have concept in mind or have a mock up? I’m ready to collab with you

The concept lol. Um i will get the concept no problem but just give me a couple minutes so i can find a place were we can interact quickly. Thanks!

Ok may i get your skype id? We can chat about the project online instantly with the skype web. at:

If you dont have one create one quick and send your username to me thanks!

What kind of project are you guys working on?