Make a One-Player Connect Four Game to Two Player?

This code works completely fine, however I can’t seem to make this game into a two player game. Everytime I attempt it, I get thrown with error messages because I can’t get the logic right. Can someone help me out? That last two functions are what need to be played with in order to achieve this, but I can’t get it right.

Have you read that error message? It’s probably saying a lot about what needs to change.

I don’t get any error messages with this code. I’m not concerned with errors, I just don’t know how I can change my code to make it a two player game, as opposed to one player.

I edited the last two functions and got rid of the computerTurn function to try to do this, however my game keeps looping back to player name inputs instead of alternating between turns.

I can’t… run that. If you copy what you just posted and try to run it you’ll see why.

But you seem to be asking for names in your playerMove input, right? Maybe you shouldn’t be doing that at that time. When should you be doing it instead? Put it there.