Please, help

Can’t pass through this step, continuously getting an error message
Even after the copy-paste from hint id does appear
File “”, line 7
if random_number == 1:
IndentationError: unexpected indent

It’s exactly as the error states. You have an indentation issue on that line. It points to the precise place.

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Thank You for your fast response, but I do not see how to fix it
Reset the exercise, copied from hints
each time it shows in a different place the error
Can you, please, point how can I fix it
Thank You in advance :slight_smile:

OK, after reading a lot of similar issues, and playing with spaces it worked
Newby here, trying to figure out
Thank You

All you needed to do was follow the error message (this was was v. specific) and unindent your if statement at the exact spot it pointed to then submit the code for it to be checked in the lesson.
Going forward, copy your code, reset the exercise and paste the code back, fix the error…which in this case was unindenting your if.

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