Magic 8-Ball - Suggestion (C++)

I just finished the Magic 8-Ball project in C++. My suggestion for this project is to make it ask a question to the user along with using a switch case statement.

#include <iostream>
#include <cstdlib>

using namespace std;

int main() {
  //The first line should be the same so output phrase MAGIC 8-BALL:.
  cout << "MAGIC 8-BALL\n";
  //We need to get a different random number for each execution.
  //This sets the “seed” of the random number generator.
  srand (time(NULL));
  //So, create an int variable and set it equal to a random number:
  //We want a random number from 0-9.
  int random = rand() % 20;
	//Ask a question!
	string question;
	cout << "What is your question?\n";
	cin >> question;

  //Write a statement if answer is 0, your program outputs "It is certain."
  switch(random) {
    case 0: cout << "It is certain.\n"; break;
    case 1: cout << "It is decidedly so.\n";  break;
    case 2: cout << "Without a doubt.\n";  break;
    case 3: cout << "Yes - definitely.\n";  break;
    case 4: cout << "You may rely on it.\n";  break;
    case 5: cout << "As I see it, yes.\n";  break;
    case 6: cout << "Most likely.\n";  break;
    case 7: cout << "Outlook good.\n";  break;
    case 8: cout << "Yes.\n";  break;
    case 9: cout << "Signs point to yes.\n";  break;
    case 10: cout << "Reply hazy, try again.\n";  break;
    case 11: cout << "Ask again later.\n";  break;
    case 12: cout << "Better not tell you now.\n";  break;
    case 13: cout << "Cannot predict now.\n";  break;
    case 14: cout << "Concentrate and ask again.\n";  break;
    case 15: cout << "Don't count on it.\n";  break;
    case 16: cout << "My reply is no.\n";  break;
    case 17: cout << "My sources say no.\n";  break;
    case 18: cout << "Outlook not so good.\n";  break;
    case 19: cout << "Very doubtful.\n";  break;
    default: cout << "UNCAUGHT EXCEPTION!  WTF did you do to get here?\n";  break;
  //Exit Program
  return 0;