Magic 8 Ball Javascript - do I just keep redoing lessons until I get it by myself?

Howdy all, so I’m working my way through the JavaScript portion of lessons… and I get things well enough while going through the lessons individually, but then when I get to the end to do the Magic 8 Ball review, I’m just totally lost and stuck. I have trouble coming up with the ideas myself that I was just taught.

Should I literally just keep repeating the lessons in the intro to JavaScript until I get the hang of it by myself to be able to complete the Magic 8 Ball?

It’s maybe going slower than I’d hoped, it’s kind of frustrating.

Thanks all!

Maybe hit the go back buttons and review.
I am doing this lesson on Codecademy as a review to help me get things down pat better because I had the same issues and with this review I was able to pretty much accomplish it on my own.
Don’t forget the “get unstuck option” at the top of the page if you need it…but I would try to do it on your own first.

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