What is wrong in this line?
print story % (adj1, nombre, ver1, adj2, sus1, sus2, animal, comida, ver2, sus3, fruta, adj3, nombre, ver3, numero, nombre, heroe, heroe, nombre, pais, nombre, desierto, nombre, anio, sus4)

Python answer:
SyntaxError: EOF while scanning triple-quoted
string literal


Code error are often linked to something elsewhere in the program. Can you post the entire code using the formatting provided by the < / > button on the message editor? This way we can see everything at which you are looking and provided a more helpful answer.


Hello and thank you for your answer. I have just found the error. At the
beginning, the comment was wrote with four ". I wrote it with only three "
and it worked.
Thank you, very much.
Other thing is, sometimes code (in code given) is not coding for Spanish,
and Python returns error or delete Spanish characters like ñ or á.
Thank you very much again.


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