MadLibs Project error

Please help, everything work perfectly until it attempts to print the story. I’ll post a screenshot, or you can try it yourself. I’m trying to understand where it goes wrong with no luck.

Ah. Nevermind. I noticed on the screenshot that my “Name” was uppercase while the rest were lowercase. I then went to see if it worked and realized i forgot the Country variable!

I have encountered a new error. I have counted my variables and the percents and they both add up to 18, but the terminal says there isn’t enough variables. Help?

I count only 16 variables in the argument list.


Use the variable names given in the exercise. We never capitalize variable names as that gives them a special meaning (a Class Name). Use all lowercase names.

Use all lowercase for variables. Got it.

I forgot to Save all my changes so the terminal still thought Country and name were missing. Thank you for taking the time to respond and for the advice. Next time i’ll troubleshoot and look over my code a little more before I post to the forum. Have a good day :slight_smile:

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