Madlibs error


Hi guys!

I'm stuck on the mad libs project and for some reason I am getting an error that does not display the story. I used the same code last night and it worked fine. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Please help.

This is the error I get:
NameError: name 'raw' is not defined

Mad Libs require:

Words from the reader (for the blank spaces)
A story to plug the words into

print "Mas Libs is starting!"

name = raw_input("Enter a name: ")

first_adj = raw_input ("Enter an adjective: ")
second_adj = raw_input ("Enter a second adjective: ")
third_adj = raw_input ("Enter one more adjective: ")

first_verb = raw_input ("Enter a verb: ")
second_verb = raw_input ("Enter a second verb: ")
third_verb = raw_input ("Enter one more verb: ")

first_noun = raw_input ("Enter a noun: ")
second_noun = raw_input ("Enter a second noun: ")
third_noun = raw_input ("Enter a third noun: ")
fourth_noun = raw.input ("Enter a fourth noun: ")

animal = raw_input ("Enter an animal: ")
food = raw.input ("Enter a food: ")
fruit = raw.input ("Enter a fruit: ")
number = raw.input ("Enter a number: ")
superhero = raw.input ("Enter a superherno name: ")
country = raw.input ("Enter a country : ")
dessert = raw.input ("Enter a dessert: ")
year = raw. input ("Enter a year: ")


raw_input vs raw.input, which one is the right one?


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