Made a platformer game with processing.js

Hello, fellow coders. I present to you my best project so far:

IMPORTANT! Click the “Edit on Codepen” link. Don’t run the pen here.

I made the game from Processing.js (a Canvas library).
The hardest part for me was keeping the game at a high frame rate as I had to design my own assets.

I really hope you enjoy my hard work.
Any and all feedback will be appreciated greatly.
If you find any bugs, please report them to me.

Thanks. Happy coding.


This was a lot of fun, thanks for sharing!

If I could make one suggestion, it would be to let the player know that the pause button brings up the store for upgrading. I don’t recall any messages to that effect. Other than that, the overall player experience was a lot of fun.

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Thanks for the kind feedback. I will for sure say that the shop is the pause button.

Great game! That’s very impressive and I definitely dig it.

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Thanks a lot for the kind feedback.

That was fun. It gave me a boost to keep working.

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well I’m glad you liked it :smiley: