Who remembers this giant of a company that gave us Flash and Fireworks and Dreamweaver? Likely, a very few. If they could have kept going their own course, without Adobe interference, where would this company have gone on their intuition, alone?

I made lots of spreadsheets into some form of macromedia file, but that one escapes me, just now. Memory fart.


I’ve only used (Adobe) Dreamweaver to make a very basic site. That seems like an eternity ago. :joy:

When they (Adobe) took over their goal was to knock out a significant competitor. Macromedia didn’t invent Flash, or Shockwave, so that is a mistake on my part. Their product equivalent was a chief competitor to Shockwave Flash and Adobe didn’t want the competition. As soon as it was theirs, they shelved it. You could no longer get support for any macromedia products and had to repurchase the Adobe releases of Fireworks and Dreamweaver. They bundled them together in a Creative Suite and soaked us for over 1200 CDN, and charged for telephone support. Add in another 800 for Adobe Acrobat Pro. They will never get money from me, again, but then why would they. I’m retired. Wish I could remember the name of the program macromedia had that so frightened Adobe.

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Oh. and even though I had macromedia Dreamweaver and Fireworks, and whatever that other product was, I still got sucked into Adobe GoLive. Only seven hundred bucks CDN. What a shitshow that became. A client was running the same software on their side, against my advice, and trashed their photos folder, expecting me to solve it. I don’t do disk recovery. How they did it we will never know. They blamed the software, and me.