Machine learning question

Hello, I am currently learning python, and hope to get into machine learning in the future. What is the difference between the machine learning skill path and the pro exclusive course? Which one would be better to use?

That’s a fair question, as it’s not obvious what the differences are, but in general a skill path is going to be longer and more in depth than a single course is. In this case, the skill path is designed to be conducted over the course of 7 weeks, whereas the pro course is designed to take 20 hours. Of course, it’s not clear how many hours per week you are expected to spend on the skill path, but if you are expected to spend at least 4 hours per week, then it would seem to me that the skill path is intended to be more in-depth than the pro course.

I see that the pro course has python 2 as a prerequisite and the skill path says python 3. is the actual course in python 2? I am doing python 3 course so does that mean I should do the skill path?

I would go with the skill path, both because it used Python 3 and it is likely a bit more comprehensive.

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