Machine Learning and Deep Learning for a project


I’m learning how to code just out of curiosity and to add one more skill to my set. (Total Noob)

TL:DR What path/What should I have in mind to go from zero experience to be proficient in ML and Deep Learning and if possible a recommend bibliography

I work on the medical field as an engineer, and I want to prototype a very specific application, which is image recognition, what would be an overview to a path from zero to proficient on doing this kind of applications?

For now, I will do a WebSite for my company so I have a clear view of the website so I went out to learn HTML>CSS etc.
But for My question I’m Clueless of even the name of the programs should I look after.
As for now I’m starting on study the Book SICP and getting a grasp of CS, I plan on do it right and study a lot (again! haha)

Many Thanks!

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Hello, and welcome to Codecademy!

If your learning HTML and CSS, also make sure to learn JS, so it can be more interactive.

I hope this helps =)


There’s a data science path for you that should help, not least as it includes machine learning.

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