Machine Learning/AI Engineering Foundations Beta

Welcome to the beta release for Machine Learning/AI Engineering Foundations!
You can find a link to the course here.

Why take this course?
The Foundations of MLE course is designed to teach the learner all they need to know to get started with machine learning in Python. It covers basics of data analysis and visualization in Python and the essential math and stats one needs to know to begin their machine learning journey.

To that end allow me to introduce @michellemcsweeney and @nityamandyam who worked to create this course. They’re here to answer any questions you have.

As a reminder, you can find an explanation of the process for beta testing here.

Hello Everyone!

Getting started with this bad boy :slight_smile: hope to build solid foundation with it

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Yo yo what’s up guys! I’m looking forward to diving into this subject and learning a bunch! Hope to meet and get to know some of you guys here!

Hello. Just started with the Data Science Foundations. Anyone care to share their success stories?

Hi everyone! I’m getting started on the MLE career path to beta-test it. I’m pretty excited to start it.

Jumping in! Excited to try this out!


Hello! I’m 35% finished with this course and am loving it. I’m at a place where I need to conduct my first code review. Is anyone needing a code review? I’m located in the CST timezone. Thanks!

I’m glad I’ve found this resource and I’m looking forward to using it. I’m a Microsoft Windows Insider and the main problem I have with Azure AI is the prohibitive cost of testing code when developing theories for solutions. It will be interesting to see what I can do here.