Machine Learning/AI Engineer Career path is confusing

When i started the career path it told me to go to Machine Learning and AI Fundamentals which i ded but i want to understand how many lessons and projects in total do i have to complete to earn the Machine Learning certificate, additionally i would be grateful if id know all other side courses related to the topic that i can get.
i want to schedule my work to decide how much to study and when to do so but the Career path is confusing
Thanks in advance.

It states that it takes 45 hours to complete. Remember though, that’s just an estimate b/c everyone learns at a different pace.
It also states:
“There aren’t any prerequisites to taking the Machine Learning/AI Engineer career path, but it helps to have an understanding of programming fundamentals.”

It says that there are three projects. Pretty sure you need to know Python and linear algebra though. And it states that:

" It’s helpful for Machine Learning/AI Engineers to know Python and its machine learning libraries like pandas and scikit-learn to get started in the field. This career path will help you build all of these important skills."

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