Luau Roblox Coding Request

Add a Luau coding lesson like the others, this will help new Roblox scripters/developers learn how to code and advance at creating games.

I would love this course but CC wouldn’t make a luau course without Roblox’s permission. And I don’t think Roblox will let CC make a course because they would rather people use the dev hub to learn luau than CC.

I would still be happy with a Lua and not a luau course thought because the 2 languages are similar. But unfortunately, CC probably won’t make a Lua course because there have been requests for it before and nothing happened.

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I don’t think you need permission from roblox corp to teach luau. It is open source (I believe). Plus there are already many roblox courses out there, not sure what would keep codecademy from making a luau course

It is open source but when I made that reply I don’t think it was an OS yet. And the licence on the repository may make it so you can’t use it outside of Roblox. But I don’t know the terms. And since I made that post they have added lua to their roadmap and it will be released fall of 2022.

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