Lua Programming Language on Codcademy

I play Minecraft and there’s this mod called ComputerCraft and it’s all about building computers and programming them in Lua. My problem is that I don’t know how to program in Lua and don’t know where to go for it. So I’d like to see it as a course on here.

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You can enter the course poll here

how? do I just post this in the comments below the poll?

Lua is listed you can vote for it by clicking on Lua

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Have you tried other resources? There are plenty of tutorials on lua all over the web. Just install it on your computer so you can experiment with it

I may have found a tutorial in the recent past but I always find that it helps me to have a course to show me. I’ve trouble implementing code into things and it’s difficult for me to just learn the language and then try to use it because I dont really know how. But then again if I understand how other languages work then I’ll be able to implement Lua… Right??

Well, if you found something, you can install lua on your computer, and implant the program in steps? At certain point, you are going to have to make this step, there won’t always be a tutorial to show you how it is done