Lua Language for CC :: Useful for people who want to build on ROBLOX and other games

Wouldn’t it be great if Codecademy created a Lua language course? Many people these days are playing games like GMOD or ROBLOX or WoW. And many of these people want to use Lua to create a game! Especially on ROBLOX. ROBLOX uses Lua for scripting. You basically can’t make a decent game with a moderate amount of scripting which means Lua. Many people want to learn this so they can build!

Support this idea below!

BTW, my Roblox username is Soulexio

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You can vote for it here in the course poll. Unfortunately, codecademy can’t teach everything, and there are so many more languages people want + expansion on current language (like java)

Hi, please add me. I am zayedhax12 I agree that they should add a Lua code. However, this has been repeated many times and it probably has been considered already.

Correct, but please don’t revive 5 month old topics. If you just wanted to tell the user your Roblox name, then please private message them next time, thanks.