Lua Language for CC :: Useful for people who want to build on ROBLOX and other games


Wouldn't it be great if Codecademy created a Lua language course? Many people these days are playing games like GMOD or ROBLOX or WoW. And many of these people want to use Lua to create a game! Especially on ROBLOX. ROBLOX uses Lua for scripting. You basically can't make a decent game with a moderate amount of scripting which means Lua. Many people want to learn this so they can build!

Support this idea below!

BTW, my Roblox username is Soulexio


You can vote for it here in the course poll. Unfortunately, codecademy can't teach everything, and there are so many more languages people want + expansion on current language (like java)


Hi, please add me. I am zayedhax12 I agree that they should add a Lua code. However, this has been repeated many times and it probably has been considered already.


Correct, but please don't revive 5 month old topics. If you just wanted to tell the user your Roblox name, then please private message them next time, thanks.